Shipping abroad
We ship world wide. For shipments abroad the shipping costs are calculated automatically. When shipping methods can usually choose between international base (standard and priority) and international plus. E.e.a. you can read the terms on Also at the foreign shipping cost is the regular price plus VAT and packaging costs.

Shipping within the Netherlands
Shipping costs are automatically calculated by the merchant and may be respectively 2.00 euros, 3.00 euros, 4.00 euros or 4.95 euros. This postage is determined by weight, and size (it still fits through the letterbox or not?).

Does the order fit through a letterbox
If an order can go through the letterbox matches will determine the weight or the shipping charges are 2.00 euros, 3.00 euros or 4.00 euros.

Can't go through the letterbox?
In this case the postage automatically 4.95 euros per order.

Multiple items ordered in one order?
In this case, the merchant will decide on the basis of the weight and size, or it will fit through the letterbox and what the final shippingcost are.

If you want to know the shippingcost before you order?
That is possible. While placing the order (after entering your personal data), you come to a screen where you can determine the shipping method. There will also be visible shipping. It is still possible in that screen in order to break off the order. After choosing the payment method you will get an overview of your order including any shipping and payment costs. In the overview, you can confirm the order. If you do not confirm, the order is not placed.

Want to pick up the order yourself? Rijswijk (ZH), The Netherlands.
It is also possible to pick up the order on appointment in Rijswijk (ZH). no shipping costs will be charged if you pick it up. After ordering through the online store, please contact us to make a appointment.

Any questions? Contact us!