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Barbapapa wie zijn wij

This Barbapapa web store is a hobby and interest was created by Randal Verschelden. As parents of two young children, we realized only too well that children are very much influenced by television where fighting is central. Especially in today's cartoons are broadcast on some stations. The result is that your children are at home on the couch and make each other 'fake' death and identify with superheroes and villains.

The idea was therefore to start a shop or webstore with items where you as parents rather see your kids play with it. Barbapapa is an excellent example of this. This cartoon series from the 70s is in our opinion more responsible than many other cartoons and superheroes. And it remains youth sentiment. :-)

Although the original plan was to expand in the future with other great brands, we are stuck with the successful Barbapapa. But we also found a lot of fun stuff! Not only nice children's goods, but also trendy gadgets of Barbapapa for large Barbapapa fans.

This Barbapapa shop is part of Blue Online BV. Blue Online BV is part of the Blue Group.

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